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BroadWave Audio Streaming is a tool designed for streaming live audio over the Internet. It's a really useful application for anyone interested in getting started in radio or creating their own podcast.

This audio transmission server is quite powerful, capable of transmitting any audio input from a microphone as well as recordings in WAV, MP3, WMA, AIFF, and other formats.

Listeners don't need to install any special software to listen to these Internet broadcasts, since BroadWave streams will play directly from the default browser of any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

BroadWave Audio Streaming controls audio sequence compression, player format negotiation, bandwidth adjustment, and Internet transmission. The tool works as a server on any PC both for streaming live audio as well as prerecorded audio.

To stream live audio, you should connect a microphone to your computer, click the 'streams' button on the main toolbar, and click 'add Stream' and 'connect'.

Or, to stream prerecorded audio, you just need to add your files to Broadwave's main window and it will generate one link for a complete playlist, or multiple links for each individual file.
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